Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blending Brushes

I have been in search of the perfect blending brush. So far I "think" i have 3. But I could be wrong.

The first one I bought was from Stage, it was RM100 over. I can't remember how much la. It may have even been RM80, but I really can't remember - wait, more like I dun care, cause I've already spent it, and since I cant' return it, it's mine for life. ... (>.<)

The second one I bought was from The Body Shop. About RM40 .. I think.

The third I bought from Carrefour! For like RM16.

Ya la. Will update you and tell u which one is the best so far.

And Ya LA... I know I wasted money on the Stage brush and that I should have asked 'you all' before I bought it. ....

Exfoliate me.


  1. LOL! I love your parting shot... can just imagine you saying it... :P

  2. Hi there! ^_^

    Try MAC 224. I heard that it is the best blending brush. I think it is around RM120. ^_^

  3. Rinnah - u know hor... kekekekeke...

    Skylarkz - recession lar .. MAC so da expensive .. O.O ..

  4. Ya ya. Recession. Got to cut some budget. huhu.