Friday, April 17, 2009

Faceshop Prices & Mama's Saggy Skin

I have to say, when they have a SALE - go buy their crap. Cause you'll save some.

I mean it's already cheap, but at least its cheap and it workssss - ahem - for my faceeeee. And shockingly enough it works for my mama too! ....For now.

Back to the prices, if you have a friend who somehow is heading to Korea and back, give them a loooong list. The price difference is huge. I got for my mom the Flebeaute Collagenic Collagen Treatment Ampoule Mask, said to be able to firm up old and saggy skin after the first use. It's retailing at about RM159.90 per pack of 5 small "ampoule's" (fancy term for thick toner really), and 5 Collagenic Masks.

I got little brother to pick up a box for my mom in Korea. It cost me ... *gasp gasp choke* RM60. OMG! Bloody Hell! Thank gawd I didn't have itchy hands that day in KL huh? Oh btw, it works. Mom's not all saggy anymore.

Now the only thing is, is to see how long each effect of the mask will last. It's been a day and she still looks quite 'toit'. Kekeke.... (O.o) ... eewwll. The ladies at the shop said once a week. So we shall see hor.

Will update, will update.

P.s Photo courtesy of faceshop's website.
P.p.S.s NOTE: If you have saggy skin like the mama, and I'm talking Sharpei-esk then use this product. If you don't, please don't mess with it. I have a friend that bought it and used it for fun, only to have her laugh lines protrude prodominately the very next day! So if you have good skin, dunnnn play play with it! Waste money (alot) while looking like a Sharpei.


  1. I don't think your momma relishes the world knowing she's got saggy skin hehe... but thanks for the info about Korea - not that I"m going any time soon :P

  2. The momma dun know I call her a sharpe la... dun tell.. she wun know .. kekekekeke... and you dun't need it lar!! your skin is too firm to play around with.. oh.. i should write that fact down... brb