Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blending Brushes

I have been in search of the perfect blending brush. So far I "think" i have 3. But I could be wrong.

The first one I bought was from Stage, it was RM100 over. I can't remember how much la. It may have even been RM80, but I really can't remember - wait, more like I dun care, cause I've already spent it, and since I cant' return it, it's mine for life. ... (>.<)

The second one I bought was from The Body Shop. About RM40 .. I think.

The third I bought from Carrefour! For like RM16.

Ya la. Will update you and tell u which one is the best so far.

And Ya LA... I know I wasted money on the Stage brush and that I should have asked 'you all' before I bought it. ....

Exfoliate me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stila Goodby: Part 1

I admit. I stopped being a Stila 'fan' when I came to Malaysia. It was wayyy expensive for a student's budget (yar lar - back then ok, back then) and ever since then the flames for Stila dimmed a little at a time..and made way for more suber powderfull pigmentation!

Aka M.A.C \(^.^)/ In or Out of water, the shit stays on! Imagine sweat now.. eewll....still stays on.

But when a beautiful birdy told me that Stila was going to close its doors on Malaysia, and then finally the world, of course I jumped at the chance to stock up. Still stocking up actually, tat's why this post is "Part 1", of course got "Part 2" wat.

So ya la, collector that I is, I said, "I WANT TO GO, ALSO, I WANT TO BUY!", and went and bought I did. Sick right? Recession hitting us at a all time high, and pockets at an all time low.. but still... 'buy'... still ... 'spend'... I swear to gawd this whole spending thing is in our Malaysia D.N.A, common think about it.. we don't do pottery or art on the weekeneds, or bike.. or fish.. we.. attack..Malls...

Sick la u people, sick.


Anyhoo, thanks to infamous birdy Beetrice (who recently got poo-pooed by stupid Cherry Culture, they suck, they really do) , I was able to get my panda paws on some Stila! And more apparently to come! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Must Have Their Eyeshadow Palattes! I Must Have! Someone sell me theirs cheep cheep if u dun need churs anymore? Hehehe.

One thing I have to say though about Stila, I never really liked their damn cardboard box containers. I have this fear that if it gets wet...it will die. If I squash it in my bag ... it will die. If I put it in my bag, it will open and then my bag will die!

So how? Special rubber band to wrap around it? Ugly la. Special makeupbag to hold it? Well it better be the right size or it will open up there and the rest of the stuff in the bag ... will die...

So how lar? Keep it at home?!

Waste money. I wanna bring it everywhere with me!

Btw, anyone have any ideas on sustaining the cute little light action with compact 1? I wanna use it, but scared that when the battery dies... then I will die trying to hack into it to replace the damn battery...

Oh and for the recording palette 2.. believe it or not..that little bugger got Bass man! Serious... Of course I didn't download my voice, not that Hiao yet.. Can you imagine? I open it up and it goes, "You are Soooooo beautiful Pomme! So! So! So! Beauuuuteeeefooool!"


Instead I placed it infront of my speakers to the lyrics of, "Cause you're beautiful.. something in your eyes.."

HAHAHAHAHAHA...then wat?

Here's the rundown.
  1. Stila Contouring Trio (3 'powdres') Flash, Light, Dark. It's said to be good for contouring the face, cheeks, and eyes, but I just use them as eyeshadows. I've tried to contour but didn't work so well. But as eyeshadows its a really good look for daytime work makeup.
  2. Stila Record a message talking gift palette; the complete classic look. I like this palette, alot, but the lippy/cheek cream is a bit one kind on my Asian skin. Fine, a bit one kind on 'my' skin.
  3. Empty case (hee haw - hee haw, to be used with no.8.
  4. Eyeshadow - yes I am too lazy to take it out of the tin, but it's really nice and light
  5. Eyeshadow - yes I am too lazy to take it out of the tin, but it's got an awesome light sheen to it.
  6. Eyeshadow - yes I am too lazy to take it out of the tin,I know it starts with a C.. that's about it. Awesome base for night makeup.
  7. Eyeshadow - Diamond Lil. It's suber sexy.
  8. Eyeshadow due - Lily, Haven't tried it yet.. kekekekeke.
  9. Plumping effect lippy in Melon Mint (I am loving the taste, too bad no one to kiss)
  10. Plumping effect lippy in Vanilla Mint (Also loving the taste, once again too bad no one to kiss... so the cinabai right?)
  11. Kekekeke...The box that the lippies came in. Not two la, only one can fit.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stupid Plastic Bottles

I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever buy another one of these from any pharmacy ever again. Waste my monee. Wasteee my mooneeee. It was about RM8 I think. And waste my mooooooneeeee. I put in conditioner into one of those 'bottles', and shampoo in the other, and left it over night. In the morning, both burst on me. As in the bottoms cracked and everything leaked out. Waste my moneee...Waste my mooooneeeeeee.

Dun buy. Waste Monee. Cannot get refund in Malaysia. Tupid.

Use empty Body Shop bottles instead. And they are prettier too.
Oh and can saveeee monneeee.
*sings* Recycle that's what you do! Recycle for me and you!

Faceshop Prices & Mama's Saggy Skin

I have to say, when they have a SALE - go buy their crap. Cause you'll save some.

I mean it's already cheap, but at least its cheap and it workssss - ahem - for my faceeeee. And shockingly enough it works for my mama too! ....For now.

Back to the prices, if you have a friend who somehow is heading to Korea and back, give them a loooong list. The price difference is huge. I got for my mom the Flebeaute Collagenic Collagen Treatment Ampoule Mask, said to be able to firm up old and saggy skin after the first use. It's retailing at about RM159.90 per pack of 5 small "ampoule's" (fancy term for thick toner really), and 5 Collagenic Masks.

I got little brother to pick up a box for my mom in Korea. It cost me ... *gasp gasp choke* RM60. OMG! Bloody Hell! Thank gawd I didn't have itchy hands that day in KL huh? Oh btw, it works. Mom's not all saggy anymore.

Now the only thing is, is to see how long each effect of the mask will last. It's been a day and she still looks quite 'toit'. Kekeke.... (O.o) ... eewwll. The ladies at the shop said once a week. So we shall see hor.

Will update, will update.

P.s Photo courtesy of faceshop's website.
P.p.S.s NOTE: If you have saggy skin like the mama, and I'm talking Sharpei-esk then use this product. If you don't, please don't mess with it. I have a friend that bought it and used it for fun, only to have her laugh lines protrude prodominately the very next day! So if you have good skin, dunnnn play play with it! Waste money (alot) while looking like a Sharpei.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nose Pack Update!

And there I was going, "Dammit... waste money again. So the one kind" - then out of the blue I meet one of Face Shop's outlet managers and she tells me that it works, it really, really, really works. Oh I talkings about the Green Tea grommage for the nose wan.

Then I told her, "dun bluff, waste my money already le..."
FS: How u use?
Me: Put on nose laaar
FS: Then?
Me: I wait till half dry and massage off mahhhhhhhhh
FS: Eh, must wait for it to totally dry la
Me: Your sales girl arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, tell me one thing!
FS: Hehehehehehe. Go try again.

And true enough, it actually works now 90%!

Here's what you're suppose to do.
1. Spread a dollop on your nose evenly.
2. Wait for that dollop to dry totally.
3. Then go and rub and rub till your hearts content.

And then, ta da!! Keeeereeeeen Nose!

I like it, I like this product, I really, really do.. well more so now la.

Tupid salesgirl ....