Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nose Pack Update!

And there I was going, "Dammit... waste money again. So the one kind" - then out of the blue I meet one of Face Shop's outlet managers and she tells me that it works, it really, really, really works. Oh I talkings about the Green Tea grommage for the nose wan.

Then I told her, "dun bluff, waste my money already le..."
FS: How u use?
Me: Put on nose laaar
FS: Then?
Me: I wait till half dry and massage off mahhhhhhhhh
FS: Eh, must wait for it to totally dry la
Me: Your sales girl arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, tell me one thing!
FS: Hehehehehehe. Go try again.

And true enough, it actually works now 90%!

Here's what you're suppose to do.
1. Spread a dollop on your nose evenly.
2. Wait for that dollop to dry totally.
3. Then go and rub and rub till your hearts content.

And then, ta da!! Keeeereeeeen Nose!

I like it, I like this product, I really, really do.. well more so now la.

Tupid salesgirl ....

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