Friday, April 17, 2009

Stupid Plastic Bottles

I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever buy another one of these from any pharmacy ever again. Waste my monee. Wasteee my mooneeee. It was about RM8 I think. And waste my mooooooneeeee. I put in conditioner into one of those 'bottles', and shampoo in the other, and left it over night. In the morning, both burst on me. As in the bottoms cracked and everything leaked out. Waste my moneee...Waste my mooooneeeeeee.

Dun buy. Waste Monee. Cannot get refund in Malaysia. Tupid.

Use empty Body Shop bottles instead. And they are prettier too.
Oh and can saveeee monneeee.
*sings* Recycle that's what you do! Recycle for me and you!


  1. Yay now I got to get me some travel size TBS bottles :P

  2. Ya.. I tink I also must get ;p

  3. hahah so funny! oops. i get these travel bottles foc when i buy contact lense solution. so far so gd. but yeah, if u've leftovers in smaller sizes, mite as well rite

  4. hahah we all had our days as consumers dont we? i get mine foc when i buy contact lense solution, so far so good. or recycle ur other bottles lor, like ur bodyshop's