Friday, May 22, 2009

Blending Brushes II

Finally my post on the blending brushes that I have. All 3 of em!

I'll start with The Body Shop Blending Brush, recommended by Oprah herself! And yes, though its all soft and blends really, really, really well, I do have a few qualms with it. But the price was not bad though. Around RM30 (I think). Ok, back to the 'qualms', firstly people I have smmmalllll Asian eyes lar, and from what I've heard there are even smallller Asian eyes out there, so common why are the bloody hairs on that thing like a mile long? And everytime I use it, it blends further than I was aiming to go. Like two miles further than I initially planned. But its soft and dun scratches my precious soft eyelids!

Second brush, the infamous Stage Makeup Blending Brush. Ok, I admit.. the price wasn't and isn't worth it. I think about RM60-90 qua? I can't remember la, but I do remember that I was desperate for a good blending brush to try and hone my 'smokiee eyeball looks'. Waste of money la - and ya la, I should have called my friends (you know who u arrr horrrs) for advise before I wasted my mon.. I mean.. before I bought the brush cause bloody hell la... everytime I use it, it feels like I'm rubbing sawdusting paper onto my eyelids. And you know that they are precious ya? (>.<) So painfuls. Oh.. and as you can tell.. even though the lenght is perfect for us Asian small eye people, there doesn't seem to be enough bristles to do a proper job.

Last brush. Oh.. I am loving this little bugger. Cheap and good! Cheap and good! Cheap and gooooood! RM16 ONLY!!!! From...*drum roll please* ... *trumpets please* ... *timble please* ...


Just enough bristles, just enough length, and just enough softness, and Cheep! So cheep! Omg ... My favorite.. and just incase.. hehehe.. I went out and bought one more for when I travel. Cause you never know la, I just might lose the first one here or there, so better safe than sorry.

Ooh talking about travel brushes.. who wants me sell (tee hee, or give) me their Lumiere Blending Travel Brush? Yes, the one out of the travel set ... Kekekekeke..

So ya la, there you have it, my review on blending brushes!

Oh just incase anyone was wondering if I was going to throw away the Stage brush, no la. But I am planning on marinating it in clothing softener first to see if can soften the damn thing. Ok la, I'll be nice, first I'll marinate it in hair conditioner, and when that doesn't work I'll just dunk the whole thing in clothing softener la!

La dee da!