Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pink lips or Teats? O.O

Retails at RM148

So there I was at SaSa feeling the pinch of recession, not to mention depression when I stumbled across this "Lip Spa" kit. Complete with lip dye, lip gloss, and ... *drum roll please* ... lip balm! I was hooked, and I admit it was the lip balm that banished my woes of depression far, far, far away. Or maybe it was the Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 process. Or the cute Japanese looking packaging (which by now is in some big trash collection center somewhere I am sure .. not decomposing as I type .. so what? We all gonna die anyway. *choi!*), but maybe, just maybe it was the hope that there was actually a product in the market that would even out my lip color tone and make me all pletty while I was feeling ... not so pletty.

Step 1
Lip Tattoo
Spread a tiny amount on your lips and wait for the white (which turns to pink or red, depending on your body heat I imagine, or lips, or chemistry.. bla bla bla) goop to dry into 'your custom shade'. It has taken (depending on how humid or dry its been of late) anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. It doesn't taste bad, but I wouldn't go recommending you lick it to try.

Step 2
Anti-age lip gloss.
Now this is where I get all paranoid. In the instruction leaflet they include with the cute Japanese packaging, it says its one of the first products (with regards to this whole tinting of the lips, or teats, or even.. O.O down there .. ya... dun look like that lar .. O.O ... they wrote it, I read it and now telling you .. *paiseh*) that includes an anti-aging lip gloss. My theory is that the Step 1 Lip Tattoo is just plain out drying. If not, why they bother to give a super nice lip balm for us to use at night? OOo..damn..that's the next step.

But like I was saying, typing.. writing... I got all paranoid thinking "why would I need an anti-age gloss if all I really want is to tint my lips.. omg.. is this tinting thing going to dry me out so bad that it'll prematurely age me?!!" ... ya lar.. imagination went a bit wild..

Step 3
Lip Masque Nite Treatment
This is when I had an inkling this product was made for us Asians to get suckered into. No one calls lip balm a 'Masque'. And true enough... thinking this product was from Japan cause of the cute packaging.. they bluff lar. It's from the USA.. but then I got all confused cause they mentioned something about Italy and Japan..and I went.. huh? But I have to say that I love the lip balm, its sooo moisturising and smells soooo good. BUT.. and huge BUTT... they blooody only gave half only! I mean.. you'd think they'd give you the full damn stick right? But no.. they only gave half! Bloody cheapskates.

So has it worked. Wait, lemme go get mirror to check.

The Result
I think it works. It may be my eyes, but somehow or rather I think it works. I've used the product for about two weeks, and haven't for the last day to see if I've had any results. And I can say, there is 'some' improvement'.

I guess if I really wanted pink lips, I should just go get an actuallip tattoo hor. Somemore... long run..cheaper.. less hassel.. I just don't want to turn out like one of mom's friend who looks like she's has a constant 'smacked the wall with her lips' look.

.... Probably the color she choose qua? ..

Hmm... ....


  1. Tee hee.... as always your reviews are hilarious and a breath of fresh air. =D

  2. *blush* paiseh lar, paiseh..