Saturday, March 7, 2009

Faceshop's Eco Vert Set

So there I was at the Faceshop and there I went gaga for their new Eco Vert "sample" set. I call them travel sets as seriously, they are awesome to take with when we go kai kai hor? Unfortunately for me, I'm also a bit dyslexic when I'm in shopping mode. You see I thought I saw 1 cleanser, 1 toner, 1 eye serum, 1 moisturiser for day, and 1 moisturiser for night. I mean at first glance you did to hor?


Ok la. I don't read, I can't read - I'm heavily dyslexic.

So hai lor, I bought this set at RM59.90 and turns out it came with 1 toner, 1 eye serum, and 3 face moisturisers. No joke.

1 toner (it smell's oh so heavenly!)
1 eye serum (not bad, not bad at all. Will update in a week)
1 day moisturiser (light and perfect for our weather)
1 night moisturiser (a tad bit too heavy for me personally - I have combination skin and this threatened to pop out a pimple after one night of use)
1 extreme moisture serum (I tried this on my cheeks (the 'driest' part of my face) and was shocked to see it's power the next day. I was oily man.. Eeeee. Ceebies. Even the leng lui at the counter told me to use it on my hands or elbows instead of my faceeeee. My faceeeee)

So hailor - verdict:

I'm a bit scared of the amount of moisture is contained in Eco Vert's moisturisers. I mean, it's Malaysia la. I am pretty sure I don't need as much as Korea (where Faceshop originates) cause we are beli, beli, beli hot and humid country unlike their dry and cold and snowy one hor? I'm just guessing.

But I am Lupping Eco Vert's toner. So light, fresh, and heavenly smelling. A bottle however is like RM60 ... for like a bottle ... Worth it? Yes, why not? It's a toner. A toner is a toner, is a toner, is a toner. Butt.... Big butt ... I have to wait and see lar!! Cause now I'm trying their Collegenic Samples, which came free after I spent like RM200. It's suppose to be all anti-aging and stuff (>.<) I'm getting old!

(So pletty)

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  1. *giggles* I'll say this for you, babe your reviews are nevah dull!