Monday, February 23, 2009

Faceshop Nose Pack

I finally had a chance to sit back, relax, and put some crap on my nose - in hopes of getting actual crap of my nose. Did it work? Olalala.. Lemme tell u!

First I was advised to use the (a bit expensive RM45) Green Tea Grommage first. I slathered it on my nose and waited until it was half dry, then I massaged with vigor for about 1 minute. Then I rinsed it off and tada!

Fine, unlike the picture that they have plastered in the store next to the product (some white dude's nose before and after using the grommage) I did not get my nose 100 percent clean (more like 50%) - nor did I really expect it to work that well either.

Ok I lied.

Of course I'm looking for that miracle blackhead cure that I don't have to pull (painfully) off my nose every (single damn) week \(>.<)/ Cause not only is it a pain in the ass to wait for that sort of thing to dry, it just is a pain in the ass to pull it off your nose, and to top that off.. to do that every week... Eeee.

Anyhoobala ... So after that I was instructed by the beautifully made up girls at Faceshop to apply the White Mud Nose Pack with burdock (RM19.90 cheap!) on my nose, which by now was a bit raw from the previous rubbing. I slathered the gooey white stuff on and ta da! Waited for the damn thing to dry.

So dry it did in about 5 mins and as I painfully removed the plaster all I could think of was, "damn, fark, fark, fark, ow, damn".

But I did end up at about 80% cleaned out. Which to me is awesome, cause those Biore strips don't seem to work no more. So was I satisfied, of courseee. Why not? Pain so what? As long as it works.

My own irks about gooery nose peels is that sometimes you get that "pore" effect, where your pores "breathe" and you end up with a holie plaster nose on some parts at the end of the day.

Now I have to admit this is not my first liquid nose plaster peeling product. My first having been from Shiseido, much more expensive (can't seem to remember the price), and it seriously didn't work.

But maybe cause I bought it and never used it until 1 year later. Cheh.. who knows la.. (O.o)..


  1. Thanks for the review babe. Now don't overdo this and take off your nose!

  2. Lol, hey Kahani babe! Hehehehe, but its so much fun to play with hor?